Meet the Artists

Botanical and Digital Illustrations

Adam Bruce Caddick

Adam Bruce Caddick was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to an eccentric artist mother and reserved musician father. He began his lifelong love of art earnestly at age three with a box of crayons. Even after an aggressive high school art program, a year at the Massachusetts College of Art, and a job in a bronze statuary foundry, he found his way back to his trusted colored pencils. Adam enjoys woodcarving and sculpture, and considers himself a “creative,” preferring not to be pigeon holed in any particular niche.

Adam lives in the amazing Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina where he has found himself, and his life partner. “This place, more than any other I have lived, feels like home and cares for my soul.” Adam’s approach to the illustrations was to connect with the spirit of the herbs and allow them to influence the renderings with their own personality and message. His main inspiration comes from love itself.

“Not the love you see in movies and hear about in popular music. I mean the real deal. A hug from your kids, your dog’s head in your lap or the feeling you get when you stumble into an enchanted area of the forest that feels so alive it reminds you of our connectedness, and fosters within us a desire to increase and expand that feeling throughout your entire life.”

Adam’s work in this book is an honest reflection of his deep love for nature , the green world and all of its unique inhabitants.


Marion Z. Skydancer

Marion Z. Skydancer is a working artist, photographer and owner of  Dragon’s Chyld Studio. He has been a consultant for SUNY University  in Virtual Learning and Virtual World Communities, and is a manager and contributor of several web based artist reference libraries for  the human figure. His photography focuses on nature, figural and nude  art.

“It is my hope to bring to the eye and the spirit, the beauty and sacredness of the unseen: that light of the soul which exists in all things, and when in harmony can bring healing and self  empowerment.”

Marion is also a much sought after model for Elder figure, wizard, and native cultural artworks.  He currently lives and works in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.

“Whatever tools I may use, my journey is the same. I would have it be said of me that I brought beauty and healing to the canvas of life.”

Marion’s work can be viewed and purchased at:

Ephedra ~ Anchoring

Sweet Basil ~ Sovereignty

Sagebrush ~ Time Keepers

Additional Photography by Thea Summer Deer

Digital manipulation by Adam Bruce Caddick, Marion Z. Skydancer, and Thea Summer Deer

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