Meet the Author



Welcome to Wisdom of the Plant Devas! A bit about myself: I am a graduate of BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies and hold a doctorate in Philosophy and Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies. Born in Miami, Florida I lived with the Seminole Indians for the first eight years of my life. All of my childhood summers were spent in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina where I currently reside. It was in these mountains that I learned how to shoot a bow, canoe, weave and gather medicinal herbs. I am a clinical herbalist and teach Energetic Medicine online at Wise Woman University.

I began practicing midwifery and teaching Holistic Childbirth Preparation in 1978 helping to start the South Florida School of Midwifery. My involvement in Alternative Medicine spans 40 years. I owned Mindbody and Evolutionary Press in partnership with Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona and was the Executive Director of Resources for World Heath. I am an ongoing student of herbal medicine with a special interest in Chinese Five Element Theory and the use of herbs during pregnancy and in Wise Woman care.

Fortunate to have spent a great deal of time in nature since I was a child, I have the natural gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience. This has aided me in contacting the realm of spirit, specifically the plant spirits, or devas who appear in my book.  I am also a licensed minister, singer-songwriter, and practice the techniques of meditation taught by Prem Rawat. My professional affiliations include: the American Herbalist Guild, American Botanical Council, The Herb Society of America, and Madonna Ministry International. Music is an important part of my ministry and I perform in the acoustic duo, Thea & The GreenMan. My articles have appeared in numerous magazines, books and publications. I love to write, garden, hike and cook, and publish a blog on Herbal Medicine and recipes at Thea’s Kitchen.

See how my journey with the plant devas began. If you are interested in my music have a listen here.