Who Are the Plant Devas?

Borage ~ Courage

Devas exist throughout all of nature as the architects of life. They are the unseen, other side of nature, responsible for keeping everything alive. Without them we could not survive and there is a reason they are invested in our human evolution. The word deva is a Sanskrit word meaning “body of light.” Devas work on an etheric level to orchestrate the energies that create form. They hold all of the cellular blueprints and genetic codes for a plant in their memories.

Everything in nature is endowed with intelligence and spirit. When we are in communication with the plant devas, we enter into a deeper relationship with the spirit of a plant. When we are in touch with a plant’s spirit, we are more receptive to information about its medicine. In this time of rampant destruction of planetary resources, the devas hold the key to rapid restoration. Because healing takes place in the context of relationship, they desire our human interaction to accomplish this. We are the ones who must carry out the wisdom they are all too eager to share with us. By becoming more aware of the role that the devas play in our everyday lives, we not only heal on a physical level but also may discover that the strongest medicine lies in the ability to help us heal our hearts, our minds, and our spirits. Every time we receive the healing essence of a plant, we also receive communion.

Devas live together in community in much the same manner as plants live in communities, and as we do. Devic communities may include nature spirits, faeries, and elementals. While the devas pass the blueprints to the nature spirits, who in turn construct the form from raw materials provided by the elementals, the faeries direct and guide the work of the nature spirits. The faeries are overseen by the elementals, who govern earth, water, fire and air. Devic communities have established not a hierarchy, but a society in which they are learning how to work and grow together, all with their own special talents and gifts. They have been at this much longer than we, the people, have. Everything, including all of the entities of Mother Earth are related and we are all learning how to better work together to create a beautiful garden.

Even though devas live a very long time, they evolve just as we do. When their work is complete, they move on, and when it is not, they are reborn in yet another form, albeit a light body, to continue their work and evolution. The devas hold the key to unlocking our ability to increase and mobilize resources. At this time many of the devas are choosing to evolve to another dimension. Many humans are also now choosing to evolve, with this being their last incarnation on this plane of existence. This evolution of consciousness is leading us toward the creation of a New Earth.

Sacred Datura ~ Night Bloomer

The devas, who are already in light body, are guiding and supporting us as we enter the New Earth, warmed by a Central Sun. What this Central Sun is, we do not yet know, as it exists beyond 4D. What we do know is that our solar sun warms our physical bodies from without, and the Central Sun warms our souls from within. The spiritual Masters have taught us that we can see this light when our third eye is open. Meditation techniques and yoga practices teach us how to access this light, which is activated through the pineal gland. The devas facilitate a similar activation when we take the time to call on their wisdom.

Now, at this momentous time in our human history, aided by the devas, who are the Ascended Masters, we are being given the opportunity to birth a New Earth, one which will herald the end of the fossil age and the beginning of the solar age. The more we learn how to communicate with the unseen worlds, the more we will strengthen our inner knowing and trust our own inner guidance system. If ever there was a time to seek this guidance, it is NOW. In discovering who we really are and for what greater purpose we have been born, all beings in all dimensions are lifted up.

May you be perfectly guided by the devas through all the seasons of your life.

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Do you have a story to share about your relationship with the devas or experience in other dimensions?


8 thoughts on “Who Are the Plant Devas?

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  2. Thea, I’d like to share a book with you.

    It is the core book of Falun Dafa entitled ‘Zhuan Falun’. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things.

    It is a spiritual science of the highest order. I’ll give you a copy and you can take a look if you like, totally up to you ofcourse:

    Click to access ZFL2014.pdf


    • Dearest EnergyGem, I don’t think I ever thanked you for sending this precious text to me. I apologize for that and would like to thank you now. Everything in its own divine timing. Perhaps I wasn’t ready for it until now?! Blessings and gratitude.


  3. I live on 3.5 acres in heavy tree population struggling in drought parched land
    I’m trying to move back to city near kids where back yard rose lined walkways when I vacated house to retire at current location I sensed deva or faerie or elemental spirits saying goodbye “we will miss you”
    I don’t feel them where I live now. Are they stationary geographically or do they migrate freely? I’m excited to commence communication with all parts of nature’s soul essence for communicating with them and understand they are of angelic realm.


    • You must build new relationships and expand your existing ones. It is about how we are in relationship with the plants and the devic realms. Healing takes place in the context of relationship. My book would serve as a resource for how to come into relationship with the realms of which you speak. The answer is yes and yes. While physically anchored in this realm – spirit knows neither time or space.


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